SOW 2019 Taiwan Short-term Mission has Finished

SOW has accomplished the summer short-term mission trip in Taiwan. The mission teams were at 6 different locations in Taiwan and there were more than 200 children joined the English Bible camps. During the altar call, there were 70% of the children accepted Jesus as their savior.

This year, SOW got opportunities to cooperate with local churches, communities, children’s homes, and a junior high school during the mission trip and had a great time to serve God with the coworkers at local churches and different institutions. Let’s keep praying for the churches in Taiwan, pray God to strengthen them, so they can be God’s blessing to their communities.

This is the 10th year for SOW to hold the English Bible Camp in Taiwan and we will continually use our Multimedia Bible Study Sets to spread God’s words to the different places in the world through the ministry of the short-term mission. We would like to invite you to keep caring about SOW ministries and let’s follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

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