November 2018【Happy thanksgiving to You!】

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Peace be with you!

In this special season of Thanksgiving, may God fill you, your family and friends with His peace and joy! I am so grateful for your care and support so that we can continually produce SOW Multimedia Bible Study products and support the mission of Gospel around the world.

This year, there are more than 300 brothers and sisters had joined SOW Thanksgiving Fundraising Dinner. I was so touched by all the encouragement from them. A sister told me that she was so touched by seeing that SOW Bible Study sets have been sent to the churches in Nigeria, Africa through “Muslim 1000”. We are very thankful for God using “Muslim 1000”to bless the Gospel ministries in this undeveloped country. They have been greatly brave in the midst of all the persecution from the Muslims and the government. Your partnership in “Muslim 1000”helps us send Bible Study material to them and they can be stronger through our accompany in a hard circumstance. We are very grateful for it. You can click on the link to view their sharing.

We also invited David Liu, the Book of Job’s director,  and Abrraham Rockferry, who took the role of Job to our Thanksgiving dinner. They brought so much joy to all the guests by sharing the unforgettable and fun moments during the production. Also, Dr. Chloe Sun’s message about the book of Job made everybody can’t wait to watch the Book of Job video. Here I want to tell you the good news. If you become a SOWing warrior before the end of this year, you may get our newly published Book of Job Bible study set as a SOWing warrior gift. You may click on the link to watch the video’s preview.

Thank you for walking along with SOW and support our ministries, so we can not only be able to continually produce the multimedia Bible Study sets but also translate them to English, Arabic, Vietnamese and other languages. Right now, we are working on translating them in French. As a result, our work can be a blessing to all the people in the world. With a thanksgiving heart, here I invite you to continually join us to spread the Gospel to the world and together we will get the reward and the glorious crown in God’s Kingdom.

Happy thanksgiving to you!

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Rev. Susan Chen
Founder and Lifetime Volunteer
Spring of Water International Ministries


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