Using SOW’s Bible study materials in Shanghai










In August, SOW teacher Ching Chung shared messages using SOW’s Book of Joshua and Book of Nehemiah multimedia Bible materials in Pudong, Shanghai.

In the past two days, I have attended the Bible study seminar for both “Nehemiah” and “Joshua”. I quickly read these two books before the seminar, and read them again after the seminar. I noticed there was a great difference between my two readings before versus after the Bible study seminar! Through the video, the pictures, and the texts, the key points of these two books were highlighted. Also, with the smooth transition of the narration, the history was vividly portrayed. In addition, the details were spelled out to the perfect extent while everything evolves around the theme (unlike other biblical film that may digress into legends or revelations). This allows us to have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of God’s mind, His works, and the characters of Nehemiah, Joshua, Rahab and others.
— Sister Huang from Shanghai

By illustrating God’s Word in an easy-to-understand manner, SOW’s materials serve as powerful tools for personal devotion, missions, small group Bible study and adult Sunday schools.

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