The 1st Arabic Bible study materials By Chinese Christians

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A year ago, God has given a vision to SOWIM to further expand to reach the “unreached” Muslims in the Arabic world through the Muslim 1000 campaign. Since many Muslims speak Arabic, we started to plan to make Arabic version of SOW study materials. As a result, our first step is Arabic Book of Esther, which has started in the beginning of this year. This project will take about 1 year and about $50,000 to make.

We target to finish this project in Spring 2018. 1000 copies of the Arabic Bible study material sets will be printed. They will be widely distributed though our partner Dr Hisham Kamel’s ministries in Egypt and other Arabic speaking regions. Also, they will be utilized in local Arabic church communities.

We truly hope that you can join us to support this meaningful project and complete the first Arabic version of these bible study material. We believe it will benefit a lot of Arabic speaking people both here in the US and abroad.

The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord, as the waters cover the sea. (Habakkuk 2:14)


Estimated Budget of the Book of Esther Arabic Bible Study Set

Description of Tasks Cost
Arabic language translation fees $10,000
Arabic Video Dubbing and Editing fees $15,000
Arabic DVD Mastering and Replication fees $7,500
Arabic Bible Study Guide Typesetting & Printing fees $7,500
Shipping, Transportation & misc. $5,000
Arabic World Mission Initiations $5,000
Total $50,000


The Production Schedule of the Arabic Esther Bible Study Set

Time Events Details
January, 2017 Development of the Arabic project Revise English study guide for Arabic translation; prepare all video production related materials; identify candidate for book translation.
Apr to Jun, 2017 Book translation Translate the English study guide into Arabic.
Jun to Sept, 2017 Video script translation Work with the dubbing Studio to translate the professional time-coded video script and Graphic text script into Arabic.
Sept. to Oct, 2017 Graphic text replacement Work with the editor to replace on-screen Graphic text into Arabic using editing software.
Oct to Dec, 2017 Video dubbing and sound mixing Work with the dubbing Studio to find Arabic dubbing artists to record the script in the studio and have the audio mixed by sound engineers.
Jan to Feb, 2018 DVD authoring Encode digital files for DVD & DVD authoring.
Jan to Mar, 2018 Bible Study Guide typesetting Proofread and print study guide books
Mar to May, 2018 DVD & Bible Study Guide published DVD and book packaging, shipping and distributing.


We partner with two major Arabic pastors:

Hisham Kamel

A pastor from Egypt who received his B.Div from Evangelical Seminary of Cairo, a TH.M in Communication and a Doctorate in Missiology from Fuller Theological Seminary. Dr. Kamel is the author of Jesus and the Quran, Communicating the Gospel to Muslims; Allah, Is He One?. He is the Arabic International Coordinator for the worldwide evangelistic project (2000) and a member of the Third World Mission Association (based in Korea). His work has been honored with both the Angel and Halo awards. He is currently the pastor at Arabic Evangelical Church in Arcadia. Dr Kamel graciously agreed to translate the SOW study material for us and he has finished the translation in June. We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to partner up with Dr Kamel who is such a passionate advocate for sharing the love of Christ in the Arabic world.

Nabil Abraham

He pastors at Christian Arabic Church of Anaheim, which is the biggest Arabic church in Orange County. He has been involved with translation and multimedia work for many years. He worked with organizations such as Good Shepherd, Healing channel, and TBN, which broadcasts Christian TV to Muslims in different continents all over the world. All of this media-related work he did has brought millions of Arabs to Christ. We are excited to partner with him and his church.

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以斯帖記阿拉伯語教材翻譯稿Arabic translation of Book of Esther Study Guide