User’s feedback from Sister Maya

2016-09-01-users-feedbackjpgBook of Ruth is my favorite book when I just became a Christian. Despite read and listened it many times before, but last night’s sharing was so deep and touching, it connected with my spiritual life.

I believe that “SOW” is called by God, because it serves the Lord with a serious and humble heart. It leads the viewers into the Biblical scenes. so I surely understand God’s word and know the Bible is truth……

I am very grateful for “SOW”, it’s not just archeology, but also teaching and shepherding; it’s not pure researches and data, but also making us think whether we should renew our lives from the inside through the questions …… Let me see this book is not only just full of classic love, loyalty and humility, but also reminds me to always love and faithful to God, always pursue the humble obedience in life, living a Ruth-like life to please to God!

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