2019 Short-term Mission

2019 Taiwan Mission Video

2019 Taiwan Mission Testimony

Taipei Beitou Team

  •  Gilbert Mak

We finally finished a 5-day Vacation Bible School (VBS) in Taipei. It was organized by SOW. It was quite a different short-term mission from previous STMs that we have experienced.

There were a lot of “last-minute changes” and some experience that we have never experienced before! A lot of things could go wrong, did go wrong! Murphy’s Law!

First, we started with 15 members in our mission team, but our leader (pastor) was not feeling well and could not travel with us, so we went to the mission trip with 14 members and this was the 1st time that we did not have a leader nor pastoral staff in our STM team.

Secondly, there were some last-minute changes in the local arrangements.

Thirdly, 2 out of 14 members were unavailable for the first 2 days because of sickness, so we were down to 12 members. Just the minimal to run the program, although we have other helpers and teachers from the local church and local children’s center.

Another challenge was that this program involved 4 ministries (our church in USA, the organizer in USA, local church in Taipei and a children’s service center in Taipei) to work with, it was a quite complicated arrangement!

Nevertheless, we did have a ‘super’ team! We coped with one another well, being flexible and rode through challenges with Christ in our perspective!  A lot of things we thought would not be possible did turn out to be okay in the end.

First day, it was quite ‘chaotic’ because we tended to rely on our own previous experience.  However, when we came to realize that it was God’s power and control, we should be trusting, everything slowly got into shape. Prayers were answered!

This STM was one of many that we had experienced God!  It was touching to see many kids and local co-workers to announce and admit their faith to Christ! Praise the LORD! When we have relinquished all our control to Christ, things slowly worked out for the mission! It was such a memorable experience! Amen!

Kaohsiung & Pingtung Team

  • Sabrina Hsie

Serving alongside with the brothers and sisters in Christ has humbled me again through this mission week in Kaohsiung this year. I was extremely encouraged by my team members through their dedication and gifts for sharing the Gospel, especially the young people who were willingly to participate in the mission and serve the children in Taiwan. I have come to know more of my team members and very grateful for each one of them.

What I have learned from this mission camp is to be flexible, willing to change in order to work with one another.

  • Peter Ko

I appreciated that Pastor 詹 prayed for us on Sunday morning, the day before the English Bible Camp started, and that even though we never worked together before, we worked well as a team for God’s glory.

On Monday, 7/8, I felt a strong shield of protection surrounding our team as we made preparations for start of the camp. I know it is the result of all of those who were praying for us.

Another amazing thing during the camp was that God answered our prayers about the good weather on Wed, the day for outdoor activities. Jeff, one of the kids who were in my class said he prayed 6 times and another kid from another class said that she got up in the morning at 6:45 to pray for the weather. God wanted everyone to experience his power over the weather and his goodness.

Praise God that 2 out of 3 kids in our class made a decision to follow Christ.

  • Andrea Tran

Oh, where do I start, I’m still overwhelmed with emotions. Before going to Taiwan to join SOW Taiwan Mission Team, I was so scared because I was traveling alone for the first time, but God continued to bless me throughout the week.

First, with the AMAZING team I was blessed with, a group of such loving, caring, funny friends. I had the best time because of them.

Second, with the kids in my class I was blessed with. They were the best, the cutest kids that I have ever met, they listened well, participated well, and I fell in love with each and everyone one of them. I can’t wait to see what God has in plan for them. My heart longs to see them again.

Third, with the people I met during the camp I was blessed with. Wow. I really have no words to be honest. These people have shown me so much love. Sadly, I got sick during that week, however, I had so many people constantly checking up on me giving me medicine, taking care of me, cheering me up, I truly felt so much love from everyone.

I am forever thankful for this experience and the chance to meet so many new friends, and really just see God worked throughout the week. I’m so happy I got the chance to love on these kids and spend time with them. Leaving was so so hard, I cried a LOT. I have so much love for the kids and the people I met.

This was a last-minute mission trip for me, but I’m so glad the people around me pushed me to go, and I truly believe it was God telling me to go, too, considering how last minute it was. So, I’m so so thankful. I was able to reconnect with God and experience him in a totally different way. Although it was more a chance to let the kids know more about God, I feel like I got the chance to know more about God as well, the love God has for the kids and everyone. I was truly so scared going into this, but God continued to be by my side and give me the courage to try something new. I will forever be grateful for this experience. I miss everyone so so much and will definitely be back!