2015 Short-term Mission

Reflections of 2015 SOW Taiwan Mission

As we look back at our Taiwan Mission in July, our heart is filled with joy and thanksgiving. We faced many unexpected challenges this year, yet God helped us overcome every one of them. Our 7-member team worked in 3 cities in 14 days. There were over 80 students who came to faith. Although some of them were rambunctious and lacking attention span, or were once involved in drugs and gang activities, more than 90% of them came forward and accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Michelle, our team leader, has put it well that it is not our doing, but indeed God at work.

Michelle Bong:

I’d like to say that this year is a lot more challenging than I can think of. But I’m grateful, because towards the end, it’s not us and it’s God. When all the dust settled, God is in charge and He is the one that control. This year, other than the two who must be worried about their parents, not raise their hands. We almost get 99% of the students that accept Jesus Christ. I’m still amazed by it. When you think back, this was a wonderful time. Yes, the food, the heat, all the other things. When you look back, actually the one thing you will remember is in the classroom when the kids actually listen and accept Christ. You nurse the moment and you will remember it always.

I met a young boy who now has to stay with a foster home because his mother remarried. He told me about his frustration and told me his three prayers; the first prayer is that he can live with his mother; the second one is that his uncle can be released from jail, and thirdly that his other relative may recover from illness. I asked him where his father is and he told me his father died of an overdose. I encouraged him to stay put and keep praying because God is faithful and he is the God of all the orphans… Two weeks of teaching Bible seems very short, but I believe my God can do great things through us. In this little town of Touwu and Ming De, around 70 kids now know our creator, the living God and know that our Jesus loves them. For me, that is enough!

Noel Bong:

Although I believed in Jesus for many years, this was my first missionary trip.

The first week we were in Hualien, I felt the great ability of God’s words. In this process, I almost did nothing except for telling the stories. It was amazing to see how God’s words could make a difference in those kids’ hearts. Although their hearts were tough, God still could work to redeem their souls.

The second week we arrived at Miaoli. I totally enjoyed being with these first or second grade kids. They were cute. They trusted their teachers with what they said. At the end of the trip, almost everyone accepted Jesus. I felt pleasure that God has used me to share His message during this summer.

Susan Chen:

We have held missionary trips to Taiwan since the beginning of SOW. In my opinion, this is the most difficult and challenging year for us, God has changed us during the tough situations.

This year, I was so touched by the work of God in Hualien County. Through a week of intensive Bible study with gang members, drug dealers and other criminals, they were all willing to accept Jesus. A young man from the gang went to the head of Youth Home after he accepted Jesus and asked for prayers.

We also went to Touwu Elementary School. The kids were very energetic and naughty. They really gave us a headache. When we were telling them about the kingdom above, we did not expect they could remember much. But when we asked them if they believe and accept Jesus Christ, our loving God on Thursday, they all raised their hand. I was so surprised that I asked them three times. The results were the same as the first time. After that, I led them to pray and they repeated after me. I’m thankful for God for what He has been doing in those children’s hearts.

Raymond Chen:

This is my sixth year going to Taiwan with the SOW mission team. Despite all the difficulties we have been through, they are worth it in the end, because we could influence students’ lives and save souls there. Furthermore, we had a chance to experience God’s mighty power and miracles.

Chris Lu:

The weeks went by very fast. I wish I could have more time to be here.

Lisa Huang:

I think overall it is a very good opportunity to be able to teach God to different students who normally wouldn’t receive it. Like you said, a lot of those students, whose family has different religions, so some of them are scared to admit that they want to follow God. So it’s nice that we give them the opportunity to learn more about Him.

Rio Jiang:

The kids were repeating every words you said and I was surely amazed by how powerful God is. The kids who didn’t know about God to the kids that already know that Jesus is their savior. Even thought this trip is harsh because of the weather and all the stuff, but I think it was really worth it.