Filming in Israel for Books of Ezra and Nehemiah DVDs

The SOW film crew traveled to Israel from late August to early September 2012 to shoot the Bible Commentary DVDs for the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah. We invite you to view the Israel filming photo album. We would like to thank the speaker, Professor Vincent Shen, and the filming team for their hard work under the hot sun for more than two weeks. Their efforts ensured that SOW continues to produce high-quality Bible study DVDs.

If you have donated to SOW in the past, we would like to thank you, because your donations make all of this possible. If you have not donated to SOW before, or if God moves you again, we encourage you to be a coworker with God and make a donation toward the post-production costs of the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah DVDs. As a result of your donations, thousands of people will be able to benefit from these DVDs and better understand God’s words. We believe God will record your future rewards in Heaven.