SOW Hong Kong branch introduces our ministries

SOW Hong Kong hosted an event at the Hong Kong Mandarin Bible Church on December 8, 2012 to introduce our ministries. More than one hundred people attended and they had wonderful responses. (Click here to view pictures of the event on our Facebook page.) We introduced our ministries and multimedia Bible teaching sets. So many people loved our products that all of the Bible teaching sets we brought with us were sold out! The following is a non-believer’s email after watching our Bible Commentary DVD on the Book of Ruth.

Dear Ching, Thank you for the Book of Ruth Bible Commentary DVD. I watched it twice. I am not very familiar with this SOW International Ministries that produced this DVD, but I can see that this film was not made by Hollywood professionals, but rather produced with love by people who have God in their hearts. The film vividly brings to life the short story in the Book of Ruth. My favorite part is the rich background introduction. The DVD is like a dramatized archeological documentary film, fully illustrating the era when the story of Ruth took place. It skillfully applies several techniques of location shooting, animation, and voice over to cover various historical, cultural, geological, calendric, customary, geo-economical, and political aspects. I was awe-struck by the ancient scenes of Bethlehem, the old city of Dan, the rugged mountainous area, the winding river valley, and the primitive broken statues and monuments, felt as if I was virtually there. Of course, the most fascinating part is the story of Ruth itself. I was touched by the love, wisdom and redemption depicted in the story, even though I am not yet a Christian. It is the love and sacrifice that Ruth had for her mother-in-law and Boaz had for Ruth, the love Ruth and Boaz had for God, and the loving care of God together create this legendary story. Such love and care never change and are worthy of being known by all. To tell the truth, some of the original Bible passages are too brief, but they contain rich and profound messages, and this makes them difficult to understand at the first glance. However, not only does this DVD greatly entertains us, but also it is thought-provoking and very enjoyable. Thank you SOW for your great efforts in making this DVD.”