SOW recruits mission team members at the 2013 Passion for the Nations Conference

We set up a booth at the 2013 Passion for the Nations conference on March 2. Our main purpose for setting up a booth there was to recruit 2013 SOW short-term mission team members who grew up in the United States and are native English speakers, because we still lack such native English speakers in our mission team. If you happen to know native English-speaking Christians who have a burden for saving souls and are willing to go to Taiwan for two weeks of short-term mission in July of this year, please contact us at 949-502-5688 or send us an email at Thank you. We would also like to thank Oscar Chu, our short-term mission team member last year, for helping us man the SOW booth at this PFN conference (see the photo above). Click here to see more photos of this event on our Facebook page.