SOW recruits 2013 Taiwan mission team members

The Spring of Water International Ministries’ 2013 Taiwan mission team has started accepting applications of mission team members. The dates of our Taiwan mission this year will be from July 6 to 19. We will have two English Bible camps in two cities in Taiwan (one week each), and we will use Bible contents to teach English to the elementary school to high school students there. On each Friday we will have an altar call. In previous years, about 80% of the students there raised their hands to receive Jesus as their Savior. This year we are still short of native English-speaking mission team members. You don’t need to know any Chinese to join our team, as each class will have a translator paired with a native English-speaking teacher. All you need is a heart for saving souls. You can do fundraising to raise the fund you need for this mission. Some of our past mission team members did that to cover most of the costs.

If you are interested in joining our mission team but want to know more, you can watch last year’s SOW Taiwan mission video to get an idea of what our Taiwan mission is like. You can also click the “Mission” menu bar item on our web page to see mission diaries/reflections, mission videos, and mission photos of previous years. You can click the “2013 Short-term Mission” item in the “Mission” drop-down menu to view our flyer for recruiting our 2013 Taiwan mission team members for more details. Finally, you are also welcome to call us at 949-502-5688 or email us at to find out more about our mission. Come join our Taiwan mission team this year and let us save souls together!