SOW achieved great result in 2013 Taiwan short-term mission

God responded to our prayers with abundant grace and compassion. This year all members of the two SOW Taiwan mission teams not only devoted their time, money, and effort but also their hearts to love the Lord by putting in their best effort to serve in the English Bible camps in Taiwan. Continuing the tradition of the SOW mission team members of previous years, our team members this year worked together in one spirit and helped each other out in English teaching, testimony sharing, teaching and leading of worship songs and dances, and in various group activities in the afternoon. They also coordinated and worked with local church coworkers toward the goal of preaching gospel to the students in the English Bible camps. Although they were all exhausted physically, they persisted to the end and led almost all non-believing students in the camps to receive Jesus as their Savior.

These precious souls were saved because God listened to your prayers. He also saw our mission team members serving together in one spirit of unity, so He blessed the seeds of salvation that we sowed into the hearts of these students and enabled us to reap the harvest at the end of each camp. We invite you to count God’s blessings and grace together with us and share our joy in seeing these precious souls getting saved, because “The share of the man who stayed with the supplies is to be the same as that of him who went down to the battle.” (1 Samuel 30:24, NIV) You can click hereto view the photographs taken during the two-week mission. You can also go to our SOW Facebook page to view several times more of the Taiwan mission photos, most of which have descriptions. Please don’t forget to give the entire SOW Facebook page a “Like” as a way to encourage us. Thank you!