Passion Church has very positive feedback after using SOW Bible DVDs

Recently we got an email from Pastor Stephen Lu of Passion International Christian Church with the following comments.

In the past we had been looking very hard for the best Bible study material for the Passion Church. With great faith SOW responded to the calling of the Lord and invested a large sum of money into producing these wonderful multimedia Bible commentary DVDs that are ideal for comprehensive Bible study, analysis, and group discussion. These are rare and precious spiritual foods. Our entire church has been using the SOW multimedia Bible teaching material for half a year now, and many church members gave extremely positive feedback, so we are now already eagerly waiting for the publication of the Book of Ezra DVD. I believe the Lord Jesus is doing a new thing through SOW – He is guiding more lambs who don’t know Him to hear the voice of the Shepherd and to receive His good, pleasing, and perfect will more profoundly.”

Whenever we witness churches get helped and the spiritual lives of Christians grow strong because of our Bible study DVDs, we are full of joy and thankfulness in our hearts! It made all the hard work worthwhile! If your church is looking for the right Bible study material for small groups or the adult Sunday school, please contact us by visiting our website. The primary goal of SOW’s ministry is to help Christians and non-believers receive God’s Word and power by learning the biblical truths through seeing the real historical sites and biblical artifacts, so we can place our trust in God and treasure God’s words deeply.