We encourage you to become a “Sowing Warrior”

To express our thanks to all “Sowing Warriors” who donated $180 or more to support the production of our Book of Ezra DVD, we recently sent each of them a certificate like the one shown in the picture and a beautiful SOW 2014 calendar, and we also plan to show the names of all “Sowing Warriors” in the credit list at the end of the Book of Ezra DVD unless a person specifically opts out. Becoming a “Sowing Warrior” to support and participate in the production of SOW’s Bible DVDs has a great historical significance. If there are one thousand “Sowing Warriors” who are willing to donate $180 a year; one hundred Captains of Tens who are willing to donate $1,800; or ten Captains of Hundreds who are willing to donate $18,000, we will be able to raise $180,000 to produce one more wonderfully made Bible study DVD that is filmed at historical sites and that can help people all over the world to learn the Bible story and the eternal Word of God through an immersive experience. If God moves you, we sincerely invite you to become a “Sowing Warrior” for the Book of Nehemiah Bible DVD that will be published in 2014. Every new SOW Bible DVD brings forth a powerful new spiritual resource that benefits the church and also provides the mission field with another much-needed resource for Bible teaching and evangelism. Even if you are not able to donate $180 or more a year, no matter how much you can donate, we still appreciate it very much, and we believe that God will remember your generosity.