SOW Taiwan was formally established!

Thank God! SOW Taiwan was formally established on March 30, 2014 when the founding general assembly meeting was held. The first Board of Directors meeting was also held on the same day. We would like to thank all the 30 founding members and the preparation committee members, especially Sister Jessica Lee, for their time and effort in the last several months. It was their selfless dedication and volunteer work that led to the founding of SOW Taiwan. May the Lord bless them abundantly! May the Lord also bless SOW Taiwan so it will continue to grow stronger, become a blessing to the people in Taiwan, and provide a channel for Christians in Taiwan to directly participate and support what God called SOW to do – producing multimedia Bible study DVDs and teaching materials, which is a very meaningful ministry for God’s Kingdom. May God move many brothers and sisters in Taiwan so they will be willing to be coworkers with God and join us in donations and prayers to support the production of the Book of Nehemiah DVD and the later Bible DVDs that SOW will produce.

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