Taiwan Trip in March 2014

In March 2014, Susan Chen, founder of SOW, flew back to Taiwan and hosted a series of promotion activities for the establishment of SOW Taiwan.

On March 23, She delivered a sermon at Hsinchu New Man Baptist Church. In her sermon, she encouraged Christians to devote wholeheartedly in worshipping and serving God through the use of The Book of Ezra Bible Study film.

On March 25, at SOW Bible Teaching Seminar in Taichung, hosted by SOW Taiwan and organized by Champions Education Association, Susan introduced SOW multimedia teaching materials to more than 80 Pastors and brothers and sisters. She also shared the modern education principles and how they have been applied in SOW Bible teaching materials.

On March 26, Susan shared her witness as the founder of SOW at Yumen Full Gospel(starts at 1:00:00). Many church leaders and pastors spoke highly of SOW Bible teaching materials. They also expressed their generous supports for the ministry of SOW.

We are thankful that SOW Bible teaching materials have reached out to so many churches, organizations and brothers and sisters in Taiwan. We are grateful that these Bible teaching materials can bring out spiritual growth among them. We hope that more and more Brothers and Sisters would use our teaching materials and learn God’s words easily and joyfully. It is our best wish that every Christian around the world would live a blessed life in God’s kingdom.

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