Get ready to our 2015 Taiwan short-term mission trip

What is the right attitude for mission trip?
The Right Mentality = Incarnational Ministry
1. Be a Learner
2. Be Obedient
3. Discipline in Lifestyle
4. Be Flexible
5. Practice Contextualize
6. Be forgiving and need more understanding
7. Be positive

Get ready and Sowing the seeds of God’s love in Taiwan!
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Would not the sparkling eyes, the innocent smiles, and the joyful hearts of children
transform a trip to a meaningful journey?
This summer you can travel beyond the photos and web pages of SOW and personally make connections with the children in Taiwan, who are waiting for a messenger like you to tell them the good news of God’s love.
It will be an adventure for you, because you will be surprised how God can expand your capacity and enrich your own life when you are willing to do Jesus’s Great Commission.
Now is the time to join SOW’s 2015 summer mission to Taiwan.

You can download the application form click here,mail to P.O.BOX 5975, IRVINE, CA 92616-5975
or 1400 Quail St. #185, Newport Beach, CA 92660, U.S.A.
For more information, please contact: