2015 Taiwan mission team accepts dispatch and blessing prayers

Most members of the SOW 2015 Taiwan mission team attended the dispatch ceremony held at the Orange County Chinese Christian Assembly (OCCCA) on Sunday, June 28. We sincerely thank Pastor Kao and the congregation of the OCCCA for giving our mission team members the prayers of anointing and blessing.

Most members will fly to Taiwan in the next two days. The mission team will have English Bible camps in two different cities or towns (Hualien and Miaoli) during the two weeks from July 5 to 18. Through English teaching using Bible content, we will explain the biblical truths and the salvation of Jesus Christ to students in the camps, and near the end of each camp we will have an altar call to call the students to receive Jesus as their Savior. Please pray for the success of our short-term mission this year, the salvation of the students in the camps, and the safety and health of every one of our team members. Thank you! You intercession means you will take part in saving the souls of the students in the camps and share the eternal rewards. “Each man who stayed with the supplies will receive the same share as each man who went down to the battle.” (1 Samuel 30:24)

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